Hope You guys like what i did!

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Hope You guys like what i did! Empty Hope You guys like what i did!

Post  delpanator23 on Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:54 pm

Instead of having all the team pages in on forum and all the recruiting pages in one forum i gave all of our teams their own catergories to post what ever you want about your team in it. Props to main event for the idea.

i also got rid of the team oage forum for obvious reasons and the fun stuff forum for lack of activity.

if in your recruiting thread you notice there has been some deleted posts it is becuz of it relating to the recruits of the dynasty that we had to restart.

LSU and Florida doesnt have anything in the their forum becuz they changed teams.

Also, USC doesnt have anything becuz they havent created anything yet, houshyamomma, make sure to get on that.


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