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Re: Trash Talk Thread!

Post  kiwifan94 on Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:29 pm

delpanator23 wrote:
kiwifan94 wrote:
delpanator23 wrote:
kiwifan94 wrote:
delpanator23 wrote:
kiwifan94 wrote:Watch out Texas Tech is gonna win it all with a undefeated season. Razz

you would have, but you booked ohio state in week 4. biggest mistake of your life Razz

Thats a respect game teams will really know Tech is for real when we blow out OSU and put Beanie in his place. Twisted Evil

if you stop the power run then i will just go to my custom spread, ask cas22, you dont want none of that lol.

You fail to realize I cant stop any offense I am scared of your receivers the only weapons you have are Beanie and Pryor outside them two nothing really else really matters the Sooners RULE....I suck geek

but hey if your as good as you say you are it should be impossible to stop you and you will kill me. even though you dont have a run game and i can just drop 8 into coverage and do pass commit and have me LE put some pressure on the qb, and i can just run the ball and keep your offense off the field.....

We will just have to see about that because Shannon Woods and Baron Batch are two solid backs in which if used right in my spread offense they will be killers. I am just hyping myself up though. Laughing


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Post  TestudoTheTerp on Wed Jul 30, 2008 7:52 pm

Maryland here. Im bout to take this program from ashy to classy. To bad I didnt play earlier or I would have to go undefeated.


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