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Post  amazingandre on Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:01 pm

1) The most important, MUST BE ACTIVE!!!

2) Must particpate in Recruiting. i am inforcing this becuz if you dont participate in recruiting then after one season you are seriously behind and start to lose a lot, then you want to drop out becuz you dont have any good players and cant win, then the person that takes ur sopt is left with a horrible roster.

3) Must Buy Ncaa 09 no later than 7/19/08, 12 AM EST. That is 4 days after the release and probably when we will get started. this is so everyone can practice before the season starts and we cant start unless we have 12 players and if we only have 11 we have to wait for you.

4) Must do recruiting and a game once every 7 days minimum. now, if you go on vacation or something like that it is understood, but please let the league know ahead of time.

5) NO GLITCHING!!!!. when the game comes out you know that a few will be found, please dont use them. It is so frustarting when you play somebody that uses them.

6) HAVE FUN!!!!!!! try not to curse or any of that stuff at other people becuz we are doing this to have fun and dont want anyone to be affended. How ever, friendly trash talking is always encouraged

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Post  Jeezy Fanatic on Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:15 pm

I don't know where to do it. But I'm registered.

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